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CouchBurners Camp (formerly CouchSurfing Camp) creates a space where weary wild and wondrous travelers are always welcome. Generosity and a shared world vision is the fundamental nature of CouchSurfers. This camp is by and for CouchSurfers around the world and originally every member of the camp was a member of CouchSurfing.org. It has since been expanded to include new friends with similar ideals. CouchSurfing Camp was founded by James Lathrop for the playa in 2007 and is the place where CouchSurfers can come together to create a welcoming space within Black Rock City. Come sit, enjoy and surf the MutantSofa and hammocks. For direct information about this year's CouchSurfing Camp contact KlaireExtraordinaire.

About the Camp


CouchBurners Camp is a place for newbie burners, seasoned burners and the burner who wants to get seasoned. With cayenne! So come participate in creating a better, greener world, one dusty mutant couch at a time! To join us in camp, a camp fee must be paid, and a profile made on the bulletin boards for participation. Note, this year, you don't necessarily have to be a couchsurfer. An open mind, hospitable mentality, and willingness to participate a must. Most will be or have been part of CouchSurfing.org -- Because of the limits of camp size, we focus maily on having CSers in camp, not a camp of a few CSers and their non-CS crew. As a community of participation, membership is dependent on participation to the camp greater than the personal. This includes participation levels in previous incarnations of camp. As a community we believe that we can use our individual and collective parts to create a better world for and with each other, and we believe that the surfing of couches is -- well it just is. At CouchSurfing Camp you will be welcomed and probably treated as an honored guest. This is a place to network people with their places, create educational and non-educational exchanges, raise the collective and dispersed consciousness, spread tolerance, and facilitate cultural as well as non-cultural understandings... likely with a few cocktails and maybe some snacks. CouchSurfing Camp is not just about the playa coated furniture, not just about finding colorful accommodations in the desert; it's about making connections ... connect. We make the world a better place by opening our home (welcome home!), our hearts, and our neighbor's RV. At Black Rock City we will create deep and meaningful connections that cross playa dust storms, oceans, continents, meteor showers and solar flares! CouchSurfing Camp will change not only the way you travel, but how you relate. Members of camp have made lifelong connections, and often cross oceans to visit one another in the default world. Come and surf the Mutant Sofa and we'll help you to understand how CouchSurfing has changed the world.
If you choose not to camp with us, come visit! We have nightly entertainment, but Our main event is Tuesday night's Meat & Greet... when CSers all over the playa congretate to party and mingle!